$0 4th Quarter 2021 FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition Promo Offer

Fremont, California - .com Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce their $0 4th quarter promo for FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition. Normally available for $600 (annually), there are no financial hassles or approvals in order to get started. Now is a good time to restart previously stalled conversion projects, in order to save money going into the 2022 calendar year.

"How does it make business sense to offer a $0 fully functional version of FmPro Migrator?" explained David Simpson, president of .com Solutions Inc. "That is a good question. It simply makes good business sense, for the following reasons:"

* New Subscriptions - FmPro Migrator is provided as a service (monthly or annual), just like Adobe or Microsoft Office 365 software. Many customers have multiple projects requiring conversion. Giving customers a way to get started for $0 simply makes good business sense for everyone. There are no financial hassles or approvals in order to get started, and customers may continue using the software as long as they require.

* Save Money - Customers who have a small project, can convert their project at $0 cost, and then cancel, and this is fine too. Larger projects may take more time, so your first month is free.

* Consulting - A small percentage of customers who get started using FmPro Migrator will request consulting assistance. These consulting projects can take many forms. Sometimes it is a small "Getting Started" type of project. Or maybe the customer need new features added to FmPro Migrator for their project. And occasionally a customer might have a huge project and need assistance building a full turn-key application.

* Process Confidential Files Locally - Unlike the demo version, the full featured version of FmPro Migrator processes all fields, forms/layouts and scripts of your project on your local desktop.

Converting Large Projects:
Amazing as it may seem, there is no limit to the number of layouts/forms/reports which can be converted by the $0 fully functional version of FmPro Migrator.

By default, a Qty = 1 license will convert 250 layouts/forms/reports in any project. But what if you need to convert 1500 VFP forms/reports or FileMaker layouts?

In that case, just enter in Qty = 6 on the order form for an initial order cost of $0, and the license keys will be generated automatically for this quantity.

Remember, there is no limit to the number of projects or the number of times you can run a conversion for each project with FmPro Migrator while the license is valid.

Pricing and Availability:
FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition is normally available for $99 (monthly), $600 (annually), $1200 (annual - 500 forms/layouts), or $10,000 (perpetual license - unlimited users). For a limited time, as part of this limited time promotion FmPro Migrator is available for $0 (1 month) and is available immediately.

FmPro Migrator Promo
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