App Review website AlphaDigits Announces Top-Rated Apps - September 2021

Long Island, New York - Mobile app review publisher AlphaDigits has named top-rated mobile applications for September 2021. AlphaDigits names five top-class mobile apps every month based on the reviews published on the website during that particular month. This website has now released the names of top-rated mobile apps for the month of September.

Habla y Lenguaje (10/10): This app by Jamilet Figueroa is an interactive, fun, and comprehensive speech & language therapy iOS app. Created by a certified Speech and Language Pathologist, this app helps children overcome their difficulties while learning English and/or Spanish. It assists general education children and children with disabilities alike. Habla y Lenguaje keeps track of kid's performance & progress in addition to providing users tips to teaching them better, all from the comfort of their home. Once they go through the 3 free skills, they will find the monthly subscription worth the money. This app also has the option to slow the speech rate or fasten it, modify the pitch and adjust the speaking volume. Before the user heads back to skills, he can re-confirm his voice settings by clicking the ear icon.

River of Chinese Words (9/10): Being one of the various Chinese dialect groups, Mandarin is difficult to learn as it contains more than 2500 characters. Hence the easiest way to learn Mandarin vocabulary is through educational apps. For Apple users, River of Chinese Words by David Richmond comes to the rescue by helping them Learn Mandarin Vocabulary Fast. Once they click on the installed app icon, they will be given the option to choose from topics such as People, Casual Conversation, Shapes and Colors, HSK 1 (2012), and few others. On selecting a topic, they will notice that it is further sub-divided into sub-topics with an option to review words across all subs.

Cruise (8.5/10): With multiple iOS apps promising solid results, choosing one from the lot can be cumbersome. Cruise - Task Prioritizer by Abdul Ahmad is an iOS app that auto-prioritizes their tasks. Developed by an expert in productivity, project management, automation, and data analysis, Cruise combines the best techniques to ensure they don't miss a thing. The app is the best fit for those who juggle multiple responsibilities. To begin, the user needs to open the installed app and click on the plus button on the top left of the screen to add a task or project. They have to add necessary information and then click on save. It is as simple as that. But the extent of the information the app takes in will amaze them. In a nutshell, this is a very powerful and cool app.

Joe Ellen, an Editor at AlphaDigits said, "We can also rank an app in the top ten places of App Store or Play Store for any relevant keyword." Developers can contact AlphaDigits through the onsite form or mail to get their apps reviewed.

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