NeoNet Corp is now providing private Conference Rooms as a Service

Salmon Arm, British Columbia - NeoNet Corp has integrated BigBlueButton Conference rooms with WebSonar Libraries to provide a compelling solution for the education community. BigBlueButton was developed by the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program at Carleton University's Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization in Ottawa, Canada, in 2007.

Educators appreciate the intuitive nature of the BigBlueButton's feature set, including tools that make it easier for teachers to focus students on the lesson. Features like screen sharing, a multi-user whiteboard, breakout rooms, easy group polling, and so much more foster collaboration and keep students engaged. BigBlueButton immediately feels familiar. It features web conferencing elements of user list, chat, and presentation laid out in a left-to-right format for easy readability. Regardless of the number of students, you can always see who is talking as their names highlight above the presentation. For chat, BigBlueButton always shows who is typing.

* Easy presentation upload with the support for PDF, text, images and Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents
* Whiteboard annotation of slides for highlighting content​
* Breakout rooms to get students engaged in collaborative learning​
* Public and private chat
* Quick And Easy Polling That Encourage More Student Engagement​
* Multi-user whiteboard for student engagement​
* Shared notes for easier group collaboration​
* Easy, intuitive screen sharing that keep students engaged​
* A hand-raising feature​
* The ability to easily share video links within the main presentation area and playback is controlled by the instructor

WebSonar Libraries:
Imagine a private, secure, personal library that you can access from any web browser and can decide who you want to share and collaborate with with a simple password. NeoNet Corp has developed a Made in Canada document management solution that solves the social network information privacy problem.

WebSonar is based on Virginia Systems' Sonar Professional search engine that was originally developed in 1988. WebSonar combines this powerful search engine with a standard web server to provide a flexible and scaleable, browser based information management solution.
 WebSonar Libraries provide a platform for sharing that does not require users to trade their privacy. Every individual library can host an unlimited number of documents. Each Library's home page has a unique URL, provides search functions and a ten page looped slide show. The library's document access is controlled by the library owner.

There is no limit to the number of participants in a library group. Each group member can be provided with the upload password by the library owner so they can contribute content as well as participate in the exchange. You can set the access to your content to private or public. If it is set to private visitors will require the upload password to browse the content. Use the Comments link for discussion.

"If you think the internet is not working in its current incarnation, you can't change the system through think-pieces and F.C.C. regulations alone. You need new code."

For a limited time you can subscribe for $5.00 (USD) a month to obtain your own private, personal conference room that includes an online document library where you can archive and share all your digital resources in one convenient location.

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