App Wrapper 4.2 now available for macOS 11 with 22 changes

Hengchun, Taiwan - Ohanaware Co., Ltd. is very proud to announce the immediate release of App Wrapper 4.2, an update to their popular premium post-build processor for the macOS. This release resolves some issues, provides more options and improves App Wrapper accessibility.

Since 2011 Ohanaware have been developing their premium post-build processor, aiding developers to process their applications for Apple's App Store and Apple's Notarization process. Version 4.0 is the fourth re-write of the product, taking everything that Ohanaware have learned in the last 9 years and re-employing that knowledge to create a modern, more assistive, more discoverable, more capable and importantly, more expandable product for todays post-build requirements.

New Features of App Wrapper 4.2:
* Notarization History for a Apple Submission Account
* Option to disable architecture stripping for website
* Option to control document Quarantine
* Option to create executable files from the App Sandbox
* Reports Symbolic Links that use an absolute path(s)
* Edit -> Paste And Match Style for About Box Credits
* Checking now reports misc files in "Contents" folder
* Improvements when "Increase Contrast" is enabled
* Added sign-up to the Ohanaware mailing list
* Usage messages not in Apple's docs
* Option to draw Pin Stripes in window backgrounds
* Full Color Icons option for sidebar and some toolbars
* Option to tint the sidebar like Mac OS X 10.6
* Option to disable animation for App Wrapper only

Issues resolved:
* DMG code signing is working again
* DMG Conversion is working again
* Last log is now correctly saved
* Xojo script no longer reports Unnotarized Developer ID
* View - "Current Wrapping Log" works again
* Process icon is not visible in Package Upload mode
* No longer rejects a Zipped app without icon
* Fixed bug with icon creator false positives
* Fixed bug with LSHanderRank using display name
* Fixed bug when entering in serial, would skip a field
* Checking function no longer stumbles on .a files

* When permission reset fails, captures the error code
* Options button now next to code signing header
* Choose which app for manually Notarizing a DMG
* Permissions Reset now copes with 1000s of files
* Option-click an architecture selects only that arch
* Option-click an archive format selects only that format
* Apps missing CFBundleName can now be wrapped
* Improved more consistent animation system

App Wrapper 4.2 was built with Xojo in conjunction with the Ohanaware App Kit, and wrapped with App Wrapper 4.2.

System Compatibility
* macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra, macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.15 Catalina or macOS 11.0 Big Sur
* 8GB of RAM
* 50MB of disk space
* Xcode 10 or newer

Pricing and Availability:
App Wrapper 4.2 is available today from the Ohanaware Website. App Wrapper 4.2 offers a no-obligation 14 Day trial. The RRP of App Wrapper 4.2 is $49.99 (USD) for a single user 1-Year Update Plan. Customers with a valid Update Plan can upgrade to App Wrapper 4.2 at no additional cost. Customers with expired Update Plans can extend their plans for $39.99 (USD). Ohanaware currently uses FastSpring to handle payments on the Ohanaware website.

App Wrapper 4.2
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