LinkOptimizer Server for InDesign Adds iCloud Sync for Settings Presets

Toronto (ON), Canada - Zevrix Solutions today announces LinkOptimizer Server 6.0.8, a compatibility update to company's multi-user workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer automates complex image manipulation tasks and lets users reduce the size of InDesign links, convert images, assign color profiles and more. The app saves customers countless hours - and even days - of manual processing through automation of repetitive tasks multiplied by centralized hot folder operations.

The new version adds the ability to share LinkOptimizer's settings presets via iCloud for seamless use of the same workflows on multiple Macs. Once presets are created or updated, the changes are automatically synced to iCloud. Users can update their settings on multiple computers with just a click of a button. Both workgroups and single users can now be confident that their workflow settings are always up to date on any iCloud connected machine with LinkOptimizer Server installed.

Long requested by LinkOptimizer customers, the new server version is able to serve unlimited InDesign users on a network from a single installation via watched hot folders. And since LinkOptimizer is part of Output Factory Server, it empowers users to combine LinkOptimizer processing with standard output workflows such as PDF, print, EPUB and other formats. For example, customers can resize, convert and relink images by LinkOptimizer - and then export the optimized InDesign file to PDF automatically in one step. The operator only needs to drop the InDesign file into a single hot folder that invokes the multi-workflow processing.

The final combined product branded as Output Factory Server 3 also enable InDesign workgroups to convert image link formats, resize and crop images to their InDesign dimensions, output InDesign layers and their combinations as single files, assign variable file names, perform automatic preflighting, issue email notifications and much more.

Pricing and Availability:
Output Factory Server 3 with built-in LinkOptimizer Server can be purchased from Zevrix web site for $699.95 (USD), as well as from authorized resellers. LinkOptimizer for single users costs $259.95. Trial is also available for download. The upgrade cost is $350 for the licensed users of earlier Output Factory Server versions and BatchOutput Server. LinkOptimizer users can get a $200 discount. Output Factory Server requires macOS 10.12 or later and Adobe InDesign CC 2018-2021.

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LinkOptimizer Server 6.0.8
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