WaterField Tech Rolltop Backpack Combines Work, Sports, Travel in One

California based WaterField Designs today introduces the Tech Rolltop Backpack, a multi-use backpack that eliminates the need for a separate work, carry-on, and sports bag. A padded MacBook-iPad compartment and abundant organizational pockets are easily accessible on the bags exterior, leaving the expandable main compartment open for bulkier items. As suitable for the office as for the soccer field, the Tech Rolltop Backpack is the ultimate bag for active professionals.

NeoFinder Mac 7.4 with iView MediaPro features for 90th update

Norbert M. Doerner today releases NeoFinder 7.4, the 90th update since CDFinder 1.0 was released in 1996. NeoFinder helps anyone keep track of digital files, photos, songs, movies, fonts on hard drives, USB sticks, servers, Blu-ray disks, DVD-ROMs, CDROMs, and any other digital media. Version 7.4 adds custom HTML templates for web galleries, people metadata cataloging and editing, automatic tag detection in thumbnails, better keyword editing, and 50 new features and improvements.

BatchOutput for PowerPoint Reduces Security Hassles on macOS Mojave

Zevrix Solutions announces BatchOutput PPT 2.2.15 for Microsoft PowerPoint, a maintenance update to its output automation solution for PowerPoint on macOS. In addition to batch printing, the software lets users carry out automated professional feature-rich PDF production directly from PowerPoint. Users can reduce PDF file size, optimize images and encrypt PDF documents. The new version reduces the hassles associated with Apple Event sandboxing, a new security measure introduced in macOS Mojave.

Kalends Calendar App Helps Busy iOS Users Get Their Life Organized

South Korean development team Yunasoft announces Kalends 1.0.2, their calendar app for iOS devices. Kalends is the calendar app for busy iOS users that need to get their lives organized. The app offers multiple calendar views, provides reminders, includes a note feature, weather forecast, a handy full-month widget, and much more. Kalends includes tons of cute stickers users can place directly on their calendar views like a post-it. Kalends is the most fun users will ever have in a calendar app.

New 3D Modeling App for iPad Gives Users Full Control Over Modeling

Independent development team Handcade announces Polydust 1.0, their new 3D modeling app for the iPad. Polydust gives users full control of their model mesh, allowing them to work in vertex, edge, poly and object model. Users can create basic shapes such as cubes, arcs, cylinders and toruses that can act as the base of their 3D models. The app offers a touch-based user interface, augmented by keyboard shortcuts. Polydust has a great and active community, including a forum and YouTube channel.

Cell4pets is Buying iPhones - Sell Now and Earn an Additional $10.00

Cell4pets is buying iPhones. Their mission is to provide a better life for the millions of abandoned dogs and cats throughout the US. The company is offering an additional $10.00 when you sell them your iPhone. Simply enter Coupon Code PRMAC at checkout to receive the bonus. They will take iPhone 6 up through iPhone Xs Max. You can expect to earn significantly more for your iPhone or Samsung when you sell your device to Cell4pets. Sell your iPhone today and earn more!

SR2 Launches Secure Cloud to Protect From Hackers and Digital Disaster

Texas based SR2 Solutions announced today the launch of a new Cloud Storage Service and Personal Cloud Server designed to be easy to use and to help protect iPhone and Android users from hackers and digital disaster. With the rise in data breaches from major cloud storage brands, ransomware, and natural disasters threatening people's data, SR2 is seeking to help customers protect their documents, photos, videos, and any other kind of digital content against these growing threats.

Adobe InDesign Automation Tools at 50% off until April 30

Zevrix Solutions, a developer of automation solutions for Adobe InDesign, announces today a 50% sale until April 30. The company offers the discount on all InDesign automation tools including product upgrades. Zevrix products include plug-ins for InDesign that automate printing and exporting, reduce linked image size, convert image formats, and simplify file packaging. The software helps users eliminate repetitive tasks, save disk space, and cut production costs through faster processing.

Packing Pro Celebrates 10 Years on App Store with Anniversary Sale

QuinnScape today announces a limited-time 10-year Anniversary Sale of 66% off its popular Packing Pro travel app. From now until April 28, Packing Pro can be purchased for only US$0.99 - one third of its original price of US$2.99 - a great deal, and perfect timing for the Summer vacation. Packing Pro is a mobile travel packing list app that features unlimited, 100% customizable packing lists, an extensive, flexible, catalog, handy sample lists, iCloud auto-sync and various list sharing options.

ChronoAgent/Mac and ChronoMonitor/iOS Updates Now Available

Florida based Econ Technologies, Inc. today announced ChronoAgent 1.9.2, a maintenance update to their multipurpose app for local and cloud backup, bootable clone, and folder synchronizing. The ChronoSync / ChronoAgent combination allows you to synchronize files between two Macs, back up Macs to a Mac server, or even maintain a bootable backup over a network. Version 1.9.2 adds details to the console logs, improves concurrent file operations and much more.

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