Swift Miles - Mileage Tracker for iOS - New Business Expense Tracker

California based Tekton Technologies today announces Swift Miles - Mileage Tracker 1.0 for iOS, their new business expense tracker, for business users and employees to claim deductions. To make mileage logging extremely simple and efficient, Swift Miles provides automatic trip detection, mileage logging and accurate route maps, with the additional benefit of consuming less battery power. This useful app also uses the latest IRS mileage rates for calculating deductions.

Thermometer X & Hygrometer App - Simple and Minimalistic Weather App

Indie developer Christian Koch releases Thermometer X & Hygrometer App 1.0.5, an important feature update to his popular weather utility for iOS devices. Designed specifically for the purpose to measure accurate weather temperature, Thermometer X & Hygrometer App stands out with its simplicity, a focus on minimalistic design and very user-friendly. Version 1.0.5 sports an all-new Full Black Mode, remembers the current selected Celsius/Fahrenheit scale throughout app restarts and minor bug fixes.

Prize Fiesta is the First Match 3 Game with Real Prizes

Full Game Ahead has released Prize Fiesta 1.41.11, an update to its fun and addictive match 3 game for iOS and Android devices. Prize Fiesta rewards players loyalty; time on the game increases the chances to win, and a great way to win prizes. Users try to match up three similar icons, which disappear from the game board and are replaced. Version 1.41.11 sports full iPhone X compatibility, graphics improvements, improved loading speed and minor bug fixes.

Popular 7 Minute Workout App Breaks Servers In New Year Rush

UK based Fat Cigar Productions Ltd today announced a massive video server shutdown for their popular Wonder 7 Minute Workout App. On 30th December 2017, Wonder had many thousands of installs in just a few hours that the servers providing the workout videos were unable to cope. Wonder 7 Minute Workout App allows you to progress from unfit-to-fit starting at just 7 Minutes a day, with a workout that is scientifically proven to deliver workout results.

Man Vs. Missiles for iOS/Android - Get that Missile off your back

Mumbai based Spiel Studios Pvt. Ltd. releases Man Vs. Missiles 1.1, their latest game title for iOS and Android devices. In this casual, fun, simple, yet challenging game, players will test their piloting skills by flying their plane for as long as they can, while avoiding and destroying incoming missiles which are continuously trying to bring them down. Collect power-ups, and you can also deploy flares. There are several planes and upgrades available in the shop which you can buy.

Mankind Faces Extinction By Artificial Intelligence In WAR of the AI

Trailblazing VR today announces WAR Of The AI, their debut game title for iOS devices. WAR Of The AI introduces groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence to the classic and popular Man vs. Machine Sci-Fi theme in a fully playable 360 degree environment. Stay alive by destroying the robotic enemies, while collecting upgraded weapons and first aid kits along the way. Levels integrate night vision, rain and snow for realism and it's you against the bots in hardcore shooter fun.

Steve Gadd Loops - App with Drum Loops and Fills by the One And Only

Go Independent Records today proudly introduces Steve Gadd Loops 1.0, their new music app for iOS devices. Steve is by far the most sought after studio and live drummer in the world. And he now releases for the first time his grooves in 4 bar length loops for musicians on iOS. All loops can be copied to Apple's Garageband as Apple Loops. Finetune the tempo to your liking, keeping all details in his groove and without compromising sound quality. All audio is mastered to 44,1 kHz, 16 bit.

Elitenote - A New Note Taking App released for iPhone, iPad

iThinkdiff today introduces Elitenote for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The custom keyboard designed for this app lets the user write notes directly in Bangla, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, or quickly switch to device's built-in keyboard to take notes in English. Features include copy notes in English or Bangla, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi into text (SMS) messages, post them on Twitter or Facebook, or email, print, and copy them into other apps.

Quitters Don't Play Street Kart

UK based Fat Cigar Productions Ltd today announced its up-and-coming release of Street Kart, their first major title promising to be the most competitive racing game on mobile. Tested by hundreds of professional kart racing drivers, Street Kart takes you into a real time multiplayer world of kart racing. Close, skilled racing, realistic physics and an inch from the ground at 80 mph. Street Kart will be iOS only at launch and go to public beta in Early 2018.

Cynapse Brings Dashboards to Apple TV with Numerics 5

Cynapse is making it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to track key performance indicators with Numerics dashboards on any of their Apple devices. In it's latest update, Numerics v5 introduces realtime big screen dashboards on Apple TV with an optimized version for tvOS, as well as an all new iOS app enhanced for iPhone X and a redesigned Apple Watch app. Now free, with in-app subscriptions, v5 also adds new integrations with Microsoft Excel, Shopify, Todoist and more.

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