Quitters Don't Play Street Kart

UK based Fat Cigar Productions Ltd today announced its up-and-coming release of Street Kart, their first major title promising to be the most competitive racing game on mobile. Tested by hundreds of professional kart racing drivers, Street Kart takes you into a real time multiplayer world of kart racing. Close, skilled racing, realistic physics and an inch from the ground at 80 mph. Street Kart will be iOS only at launch and go to public beta in Early 2018.

Cynapse Brings Dashboards to Apple TV with Numerics 5

Cynapse is making it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to track key performance indicators with Numerics dashboards on any of their Apple devices. In it's latest update, Numerics v5 introduces realtime big screen dashboards on Apple TV with an optimized version for tvOS, as well as an all new iOS app enhanced for iPhone X and a redesigned Apple Watch app. Now free, with in-app subscriptions, v5 also adds new integrations with Microsoft Excel, Shopify, Todoist and more.

Dot Com Infoway Launches Mobile App Business Consultation Services

Leading award-winning mobile solutions agency, Dot Com Infoway has added Mobile App Business Consultation services to its portfolio of services. The newly launched services aim to help app developers and owners effectively promote their apps and attain all client and revenue-based objectives. Dot Com Infoway recently won the Clutch nomination as world's leader in mobile app marketing, and has been creating user-centric and functional business & marketing solutions since 2000.

Math SteelCave Challenge: Math in Space

Barcelona based Titan Deep Space Company today introduces Math SteelCave Challenge, its new 3D math educational game title for iOS devices. MSCC is an educational and interactive game that generates random math exercises in an infinite space cave of steel. Flying along the steel cave with a powerful starship, the player shoots with the laser to the numbers, solving the static and dynamic random panels, from sums to equations. But someone has decided to interfere with your work.

New Spatial Puzzle Carves a Slot in the iOS Game Market

Indie developer, Sergey Anisimov today announces Inangle 1.1, an update to his puzzle game for iOS devices. Aiming to be the digital successor of the Rubik's cube phenomenon, Inangle is clear, minimalistic and beautifully designed, using strong colors and geometric shapes to test your logic. Players have to logically find the best way to move, arrange and untangle a series of basic geometric shapes, such as squares and triangles. Version 1.1 adds French, Spanish and Russian languages.

Dynamic Updates Made To Crazy Shapes: Run Adventure

Leading mobile game developer, DP Space LP today announces Crazy Shapes 1.1.4, an important update to their hugely popular run adventure game for iPhone and iPad devices. Crazy Shapes: Run Adventure is a fun, complex and massively addictive running game. Players are tasked with controlling their hero, Cuebit, as he faces a number of obstacles on his way to activate the portal. Version 1.1.4 introduces new features and an improved gaming experience.

Gumdrop Cases Announces 50% Discount on All Cases

California based Gumdrop Cases is wrapping up their 12 Days of Deals today with 50% off all cases purchased from their website. Gumdrop Cases provides ruggedized cases for iPads, MacBooks, Chromebooks, phones and more. Grab any iPad, iPhone or MacBook case for half off. Use the following discount code on the Gumdrop Cases website: DAY12. This deal will extend through December 26th, and cannot be combined with any other offers. Once this deal ends it's gone forever.

CREATEit 2.5 - An iPad Solution for Students learning at Different Rates

NeoNet Corp today announces CREATEit and CREATEit Pro 2.5. CREATEit makes it easy to design compelling visuals that you can share with your friends. This includes video, image, audio, PDF, maps, slides, items and WebSonar Library links. Educators can now create Slide Decks that include audio tracks and resource links that can be hosted in our new Presentation Library for distribution to their audience. Students can use the free CREATEit app to download and view these lessons at their own pace.

TimeTag 8.1 for iOS Released - Time Tracking for Teams and Businesses

Time tracking should be simple and only take a few seconds, especially in a business or team of people. Since most time trackers are so difficult to use, people instead use pen and paper or even worse, they guess. TimeTag 8.1 removes the need for guessing or difficult software or spreadsheets. Developed for iOS, macOS, and the web, TimeTag 8.1 now supports teams of people to track their time easily and share progress on projects and tasks with each other and their managers.

Halide 1.6 Adds Features and Speeds Up the Highly-Acclaimed Camera App

Ben Sandofsky and Sebastiaan de With announce Halide 1.6 for iOS devices, an important update to the highly-acclaimed camera app with a focus on speed. The update captures images 2-4x faster, adds rapid-use features like a Today View widget, 3D Touch Shortcuts, TIFF capture and more. New intelligent processing allows Halide to pass a high-resolution image of a capture to apps that do not support RAW. Halide 1.6 is also the first camera app to support VoiceOver for increased accessibility.

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